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You don't want be disturbed. Don't Disturb for Android

Today we officially launch Don’t Disturb for Android. The simplest way to prevent disturbance from emails, phone calls or messages.

Don’t Disturb provides you with a simple way to set when you want the sound of your device to be turned off and then turned on again. You set it once and you forget about. It will do the rest of the job.


Every person has a time when he doesn’t want to be disturbed. Such a time is when they are asleep, or when they are focused on their work. Or maybe while they are eating.

What can you do about it? You can turn off the sound of your tablet or phone or you can leave it away in another room.

The problem with the former is that it is easy to forget to turn the sound back on. The problem with latter is that you can still hear the phone ringing even if the device is another room or that you would like to have the device at hand.

This is a simple problem. It must have a simple solution.

There are apps on the Google Play Store that can do that, but their interface is often over complicated for such a simple task or day don’t do the job as well as they should.

That is why we created Don’t Disturb. A simple solution for a simple task, for a simple price of only 1.99

Get it on Google Play
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