Would you like your app to run smoothly and handle any traffic?

While you could still quickly add new features without crashing existing code?

We help startups grow and earn more through web and mobile development.


Its massive community of over 3 million users was crumbling under its own weight.

We stepped in and transformed its infrastructure, added better developer practices and implemented tons of new features on both the web and mobile apps.

Faster speed of development and no more crashes.

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Who are we?

Terlici was founded by Vasil Lyutskanov and Stefan Fidanov to help other companies and developers build better applications.

Vasil Lyutskanov
Vasil Lyutskanov
Prior to founding Terlici, he worked at Google, Facebook and NVIDIA. He has built both small and large systems capable of handling millions of users. He is also a silver medalist from the International Olympiad of Informatics, the top competition in computer science in the world.
Stefan Fidanov
Stefan Fidanov
He has been developing web, mobile, and other applications for more than 10 years. With his articles on Terlici highly popular blog, Stefan has helped thousands of developers improve their skills.

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