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Qurio, get insights from your audience, employees and customers

When we begun working with Qurio they were just starting to grow and more and more people were interested in their platform. Yet, there initial solution could not handle this new capacity.

The other challenge they faced was that adding new features and further developing the platform was more and more difficult without breaking what they already had.

In short, Qurio needed a way to be able to iterate quickly and to support reliably the growing interest in them.

To help them we first analyzed their current platform. We wanted to understand what was holding them back so that we can decide what should be done in order to meet their goals.

With our findings we then helped them reworked their platform, with the goal to solve both problems. With the new structure in place, adding more features was easier, faster and never broke anything which was working before.

The new structure also allowed to handle a larger amount of traffic with the same resources as before.

As a result, we helped Qurio to become a fast and reliable platform which is today trusted by banks, universities, government institutions and many more to get insights.

Mehana: Increase your sales and improve your customer experience with restaurant menus for iPad & Android

We have observed that the traditional paper menus in restaurants, in use since hundreds of years, prevents clients from experiencing everything that restaurants have to offer and as a result affects the restaurants sales.

After analyzing the current situation we identified different points where this can be improved. The result of that research is our solution for restaurant menus Mehana.

From the customers point of view it helps them discover more foods and beverages they would like to taste while making it very easy for them to navigate trough even very large menus.

For the restaurants it means menus which they can keep up to date at any moment with ease.

To achieve all of that we designed and implemented a sophisticated backend and restaurant menu management system together with mobile applications for iPad and Android.

The result is a successful solution which has helped many restaurants around the world.

Tasks: Do more and finish all your tasks every day

We have always observed that it is easy to forget your daily tasks. The more you have, the more you forget. This leads to low self esteem which unfortunately results in even less stuff done.

When the first Android device came out we decided that it can help to solve this problem.

We designed a todo list application for Android which empowers users to remember what they want to do without getting into their way. Not only that, but they could also switch devices or go to their computers and still have access.

Tasks has been tremendous success. Over 150,000 people use it daily to accomplish their tasks and achieve their goals.

Yes, I want to work with Terlici

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