Remote working is not about the work time

Hiring people to work remotely often brings two questions:

How do you know when your employee is working?
How do you know whether he is doing his job 8 hours each day?

You don’t. What’s more, it doesn’t matter, at all. When you are running a business what is important is the end result.

Someone working 16 hours a day, but without any result, what good is that? It doesn’t matter how much time he works. If he works only 5 minutes a day, but he does the job he is hired for and does it well, then this is all that matters.

Let’s compare two people. One working from 9 to 5 each day, and the other only 5 minutes a day, but both do the exact same job and deliver the exact same result. Who is worth hiring? Who is the better one? Clearly, the latter.

When someone is working remotely, it may not be clear how much time he works or when, but it is clear what he is producing and this is the only thing that matters.

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