Case Study: Qurio

Get insights from your audience, employees and customers


When we started working with Qurio, they were beginning to grow. More and more people were interested in their platform.

However, their existing solution could not handle the increase of requests.

Another challenge that they were facing was adding new features, while not breaking the existing ones.

Qurio needed a way to iterate quickly and to support reliably their growing platform.

We analyzed the situation to find out what was holding them back to meet their goals. We identified parts of the platform which were difficult to maintain and did not have enough tests. We also identified places where a better and faster solution could be implemented.

After this initial analyzes we also provided the actual web development to make the change happen and we worked together with their team.

With the new structure in place, adding more features became easier, faster and never broke anything which was working before.

The new structure also allowed the web app to handle larger amount of traffic with the same resources as before.

The result was that Qurio became a fast and reliable platform which has been trusted by banks, universities, government institutions and many more to get insights.

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