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When came to us they were already a massive community with more than 3 million monthly users. The expansion was very quick, and they’ve started to crumble under their own weight.

When new features were introduced, they often broke existing code. Making even a small change was painful. That made the site not only hard to maintain but slowed the pace of development as each change required a lot of manual testing and bug hunting.

Unfortunately, this was also beginning to affect the community, due to frequent outages and was threating its growth.

That’s when we began talking with them. Initially we started small, with just some critical parts of the site. Refactoring and adding new features and a lot of new automated tests. Gradually this allowed us to increase the speed of development.

However, we soon realized that the problem was not only on the software side but also on the infrastructure part.

We applied a lot of best DevOps practices and optimized what they used. At the end the bill for all cloud services was cut by half while the site could handle much more capacity with less resources and was secured against malicious attacks. has popular iOS and Android apps, written in Objective-C and Java, and used by more than half a million users.

They had similar issues to the web app, with existing bugs fixed too slowly and adding new features was taking too much time. Users were getting frustrated with both of those.

After the success with the web app they also invited us to take over the two mobile apps so that we can leverage our existing expertise in mobile development on both iOS and Android.

In addition, to increase the speed of development even more, we set up and managed an additional team of experts in web and mobile development.

At the end has become a much faster website with shorter load times, more redundant and stable infrastructure, which was much easier to maintain and develop new features.

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